We love to hear your story of faith.

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Going back in history and reading about women who had faith in their beliefs, their religion. We welcome stories from women who can write about the faith of women in our history but also your story.

Your faith in your religion would be great for our visitors. Your strengths in believing might help them in whatever situation they are in.

Think about motivation, vision, strategy, leadership, self-improvement, self-awareness, confidence and combine that with your beliefs, your religion, whether you are Christian, Muslim or have a totally different belief.

Leave us your story and we are happy to publish it.

The Women of Faith

There’s no denying that the hijab is a controversial topic.

Some people see it as a symbol of oppression, while others view it as a sign of religious devotion.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, one thing is for sure: the hijab is a powerful statement.

We’re looking at women who are brave enough to wear hijabs in today’s society.

Despite the challenges they face, these women refuse to back down.

Whether you’re Muslim or not, we can all learn something from their stories.



Write what motivated you in your religion.



What is your vision of your religion?



What is the strategy you hold in your beliefs?



Are you a leader with leadership skills or are you watching leaders and are happy to follow?


Self Improvement

Did your faith help you in your self-improvement?


Self Awareness

Did your faith help you in your self-awareness?



Does your religion make you more confident?



Does your faith combine any?

If You Have Any Questions

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